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Silky Gomboy Folding Saw

Silky Gomboy Folding Saw

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Unveiling the Silky Gomboy, a multi-purpose folding saw renowned globally for its exceptional capabilities. From horticulture to civil engineering, this tool, equipped with medium teeth and a comfortable rubber handle, is your versatile companion for every task.

UM Kogyo's Silky Brand

This globally recognized saw is a proud offering from UM Kogyo. Unlike conventional saws, Silky saws boast non-set teeth, ensuring smoother cutting finishes and reducing the likelihood of the blade getting stuck in the wood. Experience decreased friction, minimal damage to wood cells, and less wood dust generation.

Patented "Mirai-Me" Technology

Embedded with Silky's patented "Mirai-Me" technology, the razor-sharp teeth are ground directly into the blade. This facilitates faster, more efficient, and smoother cutting. The unique design allows for versatile cutting from any direction - be it cross-cutting, rip-cutting, or diagonal-cutting.

Superior Hardening Process

High-frequency heating instantaneously hardens the blade teeth, significantly increasing sharpness. This process results in a hardness triple that of ordinary saw teeth, providing long-lasting cutting performance.

Enhanced Durability

The mirror-polishing and chrome plating processes greatly enhance the blade's hardness and longevity, boosting resistance to rust, resin, and friction.

Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomically designed "Gom" (Japanese for "rubber") handle reduces vibration and fatigue, ensuring a comfortable grip in all conditions - even when your hand is wet, cold, or gloved. This handle retains warmth even in freezing temperatures.

Convenient Portability

The plastic packaging doubles as a handy carrying case for ease of transportation.

Product Specifications

Material: SK-4 high carbon steel (blade) / rubber compound elastomer (handle) Overall length: 270mm (blade folded) / 505mm (blade unfolded) Blade length: 240mm Cutting width: 1.3mm Weight: 265g Fold the blade by pressing down the “PRESS” button near the pivot. Made in Japan

Experience the versatility and efficiency of the Silky Gomboy folding saw. Imbued with a heritage of superior Japanese craftsmanship, this tool elevates every cutting task with its unparalleled precision and comfort. Join the global community of Silky users and redefine your cutting tasks today.

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