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SolisTek MH SE 4K Lamp

SolisTek MH SE 4K Lamp

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Introducing the SolisTek 4K Metal Halide, the ultimate full spectrum pulse-start lamp designed to cater to all stages of growth and bloom! This advanced lamp features Low Iron (Low-E) glass for maximized UV penetration, leading to higher quality and yield.

Its color-enhanced balanced spectrum guarantees top-notch results, while its precise gas combination increases blues, reds, and UV light. Unlike other lamps, it features a low depreciation of PAR and lumen output over time, and boasts true high frequency technology for proper UV balance. Designed with advanced HID lamp technology, this lamp provides prolonged life and is perfect for commercial applications. When it comes to quality, consistency, and yield, the 4K Metal Halide is your best bet!

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