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Starlight T-55 Replacement Tube 6400K

Starlight T-55 Replacement Tube 6400K

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Experience Daylight-Like Illumination with Our 55W, 4-Pin PL Replacement Fluorescent Bulb

Looking for a reliable lighting solution for your plant propagation needs? Our 55W, 4-pin PL compact fluorescent bulb is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of fluorescent propagation, offering long-lasting and effective lighting for your garden.

Optimal Light Temperature for Natural Growth
This top-quality fluorescent bulb emits a 6400K light colour temperature, closely mimicking natural daylight. This helps create an ideal lighting environment, promoting healthy plant growth during the crucial propagation stage.

Long-Lasting Durability You Can Rely On
With an impressive lifespan averaging 10,000 hours, this replacement bulb ensures you won't have to worry about frequent replacements, making it a cost-effective and durable choice for your indoor gardening needs.

Precision-Engineered for Your Convenience
Measuring 535 mm in length, this 4-pin PL bulb is engineered to perfectly fit into your existing setup, offering hassle-free installation and compatibility.

Choose our 55W, 4-pin PL compact fluorescent bulb for a robust and efficient lighting solution that sets your plants on the path to healthy growth!

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