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Tesa Aluminium Tape Reinforced 75mm x 50M

Tesa Aluminium Tape Reinforced 75mm x 50M

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Introducing our top-quality, Australian-made foil tape that is designed to meet all your industry requirements. Our foil tape is Cetec certified, green star rated and emits low VOC - less than 0.5mg/m2/hr, making it an eco-friendly option for all your sealing needs.

With an aggressive synthetic adhesive, our foil tape is reinforced for high tensile strength, making it a reliable and durable choice for your air handling systems in buildings. It is hand-tearable for ease of use and conforms well to corners and irregular surfaces, ensuring a perfect seal every time.

Our foil tape is tested to meet the new requirements of AS4254.2 2012 and has also been tested to AS1530.3 0,0,0,0-1 and BS 476 parts 6 & 7. This ensures that our foil tape is of the highest quality and provides maximum protection for your building.

Whether you're joining overlaps on vapour control layers or sealing corners and irregular surfaces, our foil tape is the perfect solution. So, upgrade your sealing game today and trust in our top-quality, Australian-made foil tape for all your building needs.

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