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Toyama Hamono

Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Pruning Secateurs T19

Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Pruning Secateurs T19

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Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Secateurs T-19 Hand Forged Carbon Steel Pruning Shears are a perfect choice for pruning thin branches, roses, flowers, and soft houseplants. When you start using this tool, you will notice the difference in sharpness between it and other shears.

They are hand-forged and sharpened through traditional methods while adopting the latest technology which gives them great precision and reliability.

This product is free of chemical colorants; the hue between blades and handles is different but this is the result of the manufacturer’s delicate heat treatment.


To prevent blades from rusting, make sure to remove wetness after use.

For a longer lifespan, the manufacturer recommends you to apply oil to shears constantly, especially when you are attempting to store them for a long period.

This product is unsuitable for cutting shrubs, artificial flowers, wires, and bamboo

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