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Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Secateurs 200mm T14

Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Secateurs 200mm T14

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Presenting the Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Secateurs TH200 - model T-14, a masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship. These hand-forged pruning shears are your all-around gardening companion, perfect for pruning small branches, houseplants, and flowers.

Outstanding Hardness and Cutting Capacity

Forged through the manufacturer's specialty methods, these shears exhibit remarkable hardness and cutting capacity. The exceptional craftsmanship ensures they not only last but also maintain their sharpness and efficiency through countless pruning sessions.

Effortless Cutting Experience

The blades of the TH200 are thinned to their absolute limit, resulting in lower cutting resistance and a remarkably effortless cutting experience. Each snip is smooth and precise, ensuring the health of your plants and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Eco-Friendly Handles

The handles of these secateurs are blackened through a special heat treatment, devoid of any chemical coloring. This eco-conscious approach minimizes the risk of skin reactions, making the TH200 safe for bare-handed operation.

Unique Hand-Forging Characteristics

You may notice some spots on the handles - these are a testament to the hand-forging process and do not affect the quality or performance of these exceptional shears.

Product Specifications and Care

Material: Japanese carbon steel Model: T-14 Length: 200mm Blade length: 60mm Weight: 220g Maximum cutting capacity: φ15mm Note: These secateurs are not suitable for cutting shrubs, artificial flowers, wires, or bamboos. To ensure long-lasting performance, keep the product clean and dry after use. Made in Japan

Discover the precision and elegance of the Toyama Hamono Hidehisa Secateurs TH200. More than just a tool, they're an embodiment of traditional Japanese craftsmanship that elevates every garden task into an art. Unleash your green thumb and garden with grace today.

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