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Blumat Bonsai with Dripper Tube

Blumat Bonsai with Dripper Tube

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Discover the precision of the Blumat Bonsai, an irrigation solution expertly crafted for the delicate needs of bonsai trees. Highly acclaimed by "Bonsai Europe" magazine for its effectiveness, this system ensures each bonsai receives the exact amount of water it requires, leading to enhanced growth and blossoming potential. Additionally, the system allows for the effortless integration of well-dissolved plant nutrients when connected to a water butt.

The Tropf-Blumat Bonsai operates on the same reliable negative pressure principle as the standard Tropf-Blumat and the Tropf-Blumat Maxi, offering versatility in its connectivity. Whether you're using a water mains with the Blumat pressure reducer or a water butt with the Blumat tank connector, installation is seamless.

Designed to function optimally with popular bonsai soil types, including akadama, akadama mixed with kiryu, and kanuma for azaleas, the Blumat Bonsai adapts to your specific bonsai culture medium.

Please note that due to the sensor's low water capacity, it's crucial to follow the usage instructions closely, ensuring the sensor is filled underwater to avoid air entrapment for accurate moisture delivery to your cherished bonsai.

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