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Blumat Regular Carrot

Blumat Regular Carrot

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Single Blumat sensor with dripper hose and with T-branch connector.

Each Tropf Blumat is filled with water prior to being connected to a pressurized line (pressure from gravity-feed is adequate). The water inside the Blumat is in a completely sealed environment.  The only exposure it has is through the pores in the ceramic cone.  

 As the soil around the Blumat irrigation system begins to dry, it triggers an osmotic pull on the moisture contained within the device's ceramic cone. This happens because the Blumat system is designed as a sealed environment, which ensures the internal moisture level doesn't stabilize with the drier surrounding soil.

This osmotic pull exerts force on a flexible plastic diaphragm housed within the top part of the Blumat. This is a gradual process, with the diaphragm being pulled downwards slowly over time. As it descends, it initiates the opening of a strategically placed irrigation tube, allowing it to release moisture at a controlled pace.

The emission of water from the Blumat restores the moisture level in the surrounding soil, slowly returning it to its optimal state. This process also alleviates the osmotic pressure difference between the inside of the Blumat and the soil around it.

As the osmotic pressure diminishes, the plastic diaphragm reverts to its initial position, effectively closing off the irrigation tube and ceasing the water output. This unique mechanism allows each plant to autonomously dictate its own watering schedule, ensuring optimal hydration and healthy growth.

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