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Tub Outlet Screen

Tub Outlet Screen

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Prevent Blockages with the Tub Outlet Screen

Keep your pipes and tubes free of debris while maintaining optimal water flow with the Tub Outlet Screen, designed to provide efficient screening for particle filtration, preventing fish from swimming through tanks and ensuring that clay pebbles don't block your pipes.

Features and Benefits

  • Blockage prevention: Stops clay pebbles and other large particles from clogging pipes and tubing
  • Fish protection: Prevents small fish from swimming between tanks through the outlets
  • Enhanced filtration: Attach fine cloth for increased screening and improved particle removal
  • Easy installation: Presses into the Tub Outlet or Tub Outlet Extension for a secure fit
  • Universal sizing: Base/neck diameter of 23mm (approx 1 inch outer) ensures compatibility with multiple systems
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