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ULight 680w Full Spectrum LED 6 Bar Grow Light

ULight 680w Full Spectrum LED 6 Bar Grow Light

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Introducing the ULight 680w LED Bar Light: The Pinnacle of Plant Lighting Solutions

Dive into the realm of advanced horticulture with the ULight 680w LED Bar Light, a marvel of engineering designed to propel your indoor gardening to unprecedented heights. This high-performance lighting solution is tailored to meet the intricate needs of plant growth, offering a blend of full-spectrum light and unparalleled efficiency.

Full Spectrum Illumination for Thriving Plants

With a commanding 680w output, the ULight LED Bar Light bathes your plants in a comprehensive spectrum of light, mimicking the natural sunlight to foster all phases of plant growth. Its remarkable efficiency, measured at 2.9umol/j, ensures that every watt of energy is transformed into the vital light intensity your greenery craves.

Unmatched Coverage with Premium Diodes

The heart of ULight's prowess lies in its 3024 superior diodes, which guarantee an extensive light spread and coverage. Coupled with an impressive 1972 PPFD value, this light penetrates deep into the canopy, invigorating your plants with the energy they need for vigorous growth.

Robust Design for Enduring Performance

Built to last, the ULight LED light features a durable construction that braves various environmental conditions, thanks to its IP65 rating. This robust design not only ensures longevity but also provides a safe lighting environment for your garden.

Energy-Saving Operation with Minimal Heat

Embrace the dual benefits of energy efficiency and low heat output with ULight. This LED light not only curtails your energy expenses but also operates coolly, eliminating the risks of heat stress on your precious plants.

Tailored Lighting with Full Control

Adapt the lighting precisely to your garden's unique requirements. The ULight LED Bar Light offers a dimmable function and external control options, allowing you to fine-tune the light intensity for optimal plant growth.

Guaranteed Reliability with a 3-Year Warranty

Invest in your indoor garden with confidence, as each ULight LED Bar Light is backed by a solid 3-year warranty. This commitment underscores the reliability and quality of our product, ensuring your garden's illumination is in trusted hands.

Why ULight Stands Apart

Choosing the ULight 680w Full Spectrum LED Bar Light means opting for a superior indoor gardening experience. It's not merely a grow light; it represents the epitome of quality, efficiency, and control in the world of plant lighting.

Key Specifications for Informed Decisions

  • Maximum Power: 680W ± 3%
  • Voltage Range: 200V - 277V
  • Current Range: 2.45A - 3.4A
  • Light Efficacy: 2.9umol/J
  • Light Output: 1972PPF
  • Color Temperature: 3300K
  • Protection Rating: IP65
  • Premium Diodes: Osram and Honglitronic
  • Adjustable Dimming: 0-10V or preset levels (50%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
  • Unit Weight: 12.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 1135mm x 1100mm x 78mm
  • Packaging Dimensions: 1190mm x 676mm x 120mm

Elevate your indoor garden with the ULight 680w LED Bar Light, where superior coverage, efficiency, and control converge to nurture your plants into their most flourishing state.

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