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150mm Clear MCO Orchid/Phalaenopsis Pot

150mm Clear MCO Orchid/Phalaenopsis Pot

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150mm Teku Clear MCO Orchid/Phalaenopsis Pot

Innovative Design for Optimal Orchid Growth

Precision Crafted for Enhanced Orchid Care

The 150mm Teku Clear MCO Orchid/Phalaenopsis Pot is more than just a container; it's a carefully engineered solution for your orchids' growth and health. This pot combines fast watering, efficient drainage, and perfect transparency, ensuring every detail contributes to your plant's well-being.

Advanced Drainage and Aeration System

  • High Feet Capillary Drainage Ridges: These ridges guarantee optimal drainage, crucial for preventing root rot and other water-related issues.
  • Raised Middle Dome: Enhances aeration, promoting healthier root systems and better plant health.
  • Three-Level Drainage System:
    • 1st Level: Direct base contact allows for efficient drainage on sloped sections.
    • 2nd Level: A 1.5mm gap from the contact surface ensures optimum capillary drainage.
    • 3rd Level: Greater distance from the contact surface for fast dripping drainage and maximum aeration.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid Growth & Healthy Plants: The high transparency of the pot accelerates growth and ensures plant health by allowing more light to reach the roots.
  • Optimal Root Growth: The translucency level is ideal for monitoring and encouraging healthy, controlled root growth.
  • Very Low Failure Rates: Elevated design prevents soil contact with residual water, reducing the risk of disease.
  • Easy Handling & Stacking: Designed with a U-Rim and high lateral stability for easy de-nesting and handling with automatic systems.
  • Maximum Stability: The high feet make it especially suited for use on mesh wire benches.
  • Reduced Weight: Continuously optimized design results in unmatched material efficiency.

Unparalleled Orchid Cultivation Experience

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, the 150mm Teku Clear MCO Orchid/Phalaenopsis Pot brings a new level of sophistication to your orchid cultivation. Experience the difference in growth, health, and handling ease with this innovative pot.

Transform your orchid growing with the Teku Clear MCO Pot - where precision meets performance for thriving orchids.

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