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Green Planet

Green Planet Horti RawK

Green Planet Horti RawK

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Discover Horti rawK: The Ultimate Flowering Enhancer

Elevate your bloom stage with Horti rawK, a groundbreaking flowering supplement meticulously crafted with a potent potassium blend. Uniquely independent of your standard feeding routine, Horti rawK is engineered to amplify flower mass and density for an unparalleled blooming experience.

The Power of Horti rawK

Horti rawK stands out as an exceptional flowering booster, delivering a substantial potassium surge during critical fruiting and flowering phases. Potassium scarcity in the bloom's latter stages can result in underwhelming, sparse flowers. Horti rawK's specialized 0-0-62 potassium formula is the game-changer, ensuring your flowers achieve their fullest potential and maximum weight as you approach harvest. This efficacy stems from potassium's crucial role in sugar synthesis and energy storage essential for the flower's growth.

Moreover, potassium fortifies plant cells and builds robust stems, essential for sustaining larger flower formations. This makes Horti rawK an indispensable ally for cultivators aiming for top-tier floral yields at harvest time.

Application Guidelines

For Soil: Enhance your flowering stage by incorporating 1-2 g per liter (4-8 g per gallon) of water weekly. Optimal results are achieved in the final three weeks of flowering, with a minimum one-week flush period. Recommended for use with water exclusively.

For Hydroponics: Begin by clearing your nutrient reservoir. Introduce 1-2 g per liter (4-8 g per gallon) of water into the system, ensuring circulation for 48 hours. Follow up with a thorough flush and replace with a fresh nutrient mix. This process should be repeated in the subsequent week, including a minimum one-week flush period, to ensure optimal results.

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